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Monthly Archives: January 2011

All in the detail

Tiniest part of a Protea - like ribbons

Red Hot Poker


A landing pad to a room with everything

Come lay your head on my pillow

Pink leopard print

Gentle curves

reflection one

White this time

Red again

Used to be a boy's school

Royal icing

A poster for Valentine's Day


Around forever

Coffee maker?

Frozen cola & raspberry flavours

Frozen sky & grass flavours

I really like patterns made by nature. Last year I posted quite a few. I think this year will be the same.

Ground cover, like red veins across the earth

Same pattern, but dried out

Light, as it was captured

grass that has become straw

An obvious one, but always a delight

Bark as it was on the tree

Let's have dinner in the clouds

The door to the bar in the sky

Silver pineapple in the sky?

Late afternoon

another view

The sky was it today

View from the road

He is a very big & beautiful dog with paws the size of bread plates. Gentle as a lamb & friendly to strangers.

Like a ballet dancer

Ready, set, go!

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