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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Crane contraption thingie

Rust always looks good

Between buildings


Sharp & beautiful design

Different plant, different colours

My favourite type

This is something I haven't seen before

Showing the plant

Another thorny one

I was taken on a spontaneous tour of The Silos, an old wheat silo in Newtown that has been transformed into units.

Always different

Such a nice thing to do with fallen flowers or petals


The tension on the surface of the water is lovely

Simple beauty

Silt in the bottom of a bird bath

Just one of those purely opportunistic photos - he gave permission to post this

Part of the prison on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. It would have been a harsh life as a prisoner when it was used

Current day view. In the 19th century it was open to the elements with only bars across the windows. It can be very cold here with icy winds

I think this is algae on a glass awning


bursting into flower

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