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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Flower stall Circular Quay


Nice to have in this area

Circular Quay - city side


River oysters. I missed the fish that jumped

People are eating them all

Quite striking

Side on

Some flowers are really busy

I think this is lovely

I totally understand why people collect Bromeliads

This is a flower with impact

As close as you can get

One petal removed

second peeling revealing the original colour

More petals peeled

Not many petals left

Revealing the centre

A poor quality photo - it was an A4 image on the front wall of a terrace that I took from across the road with my video camera. Too interesting to ignore

I dislike this advertising billboard at the entrance to Sydney Airport because it is ugly & imposing. It rotates 4 adds & this is the first time I've seen it not working. Broken perhaps?

It looks like demon vomit, but it's probably mould

A Barber shop in Marrickville I think

Rockdale gulls

Off to the beach

San Souci




He said, "I'll make dessert." & then presented me with this.

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