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Monthly Archives: November 2011

I bought some roses from the supermarket & put them in a vase. Three days later they were dead - so I chopped their heads off & put them in a bowl. Apart from a little browning, there has been no change in over a week

Fancy some dessert?


Tempe Reserve was covered in orange toadstools after the rain

These were as big as bread plates

In the process of birth

This one had been turned over

An eyesore as far as I am concerned

I think they paint like this so we will notice their shop

I loved the design of this fence - it's in Stanmore

The yellow lids caught my eye

He is a spray can

another section of the wall

Such a sweet little caravan


I love petunia season

impatiens looking lovely in a pot

even a weed makes cyclone fencing better

Bare trees ready for planting

Flowers ready for planting

Fake dry river bed

Modern times

An iconic face known all over the world

Underpass beside Darling Harbour

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