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Category Archives: birds/animals

Sweet little things


I saw this little girl sitting in a shop window in Dulwich Hill watching the passing Christmas traffic.

I came across this nativity scene on a front porch in Marrickville today.

At sunset - using a photoshop effect

Striped Marsh Frog found in my kitchen this morning

Bougainvillea flowers found their way into a water pot

This is a beautiful Fig at Tempe Reserve

The start of a series of sandstone landscapes I think

Perfect dog - perfect photo opportunity

I played with a photoshop effect here

This cat knows my every move & these eye's follow me everywhere

Some days offer really nice surprises

This pelican came up on the bridge just to have a close look at us

This one looked sideways at us


Not great quality as taken with the video camera, but I like the softness of this photo

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