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This is my last post for this blog – 12 months of daily photographs.  I almost made it, only missing a few days.  Thank you to all who came here, left comments & followed.  I appreciate it.

I have started a new blog for the next 12 months. This time I have a much better blog theme that will allow me to post larger photographs.  I like it already.

You can find my new photo blog here – I Spy 2012 –

Happy New Year. I wish 2012 is a great year for all of you.  Jacqueline 🙂

Nature's fireworks - Happy New Year 2012


I saw this in a fountain today. 2 minutes later a small girl picked it up & carried it away

Another pattern made by nature. It's a tree fern slab

More patterns

Features like the leaves & bud point to it being a rose, but the flowers don't. It's a lovely vibrant flower whatever it is.

Nature's fireworks

The flower is the size of a lentil - looks like something from a coral reef

A cluster of tiny flowers

I think these are Flannel flowers

I bought some roses from the supermarket & put them in a vase. Three days later they were dead - so I chopped their heads off & put them in a bowl. Apart from a little browning, there has been no change in over a week

Fancy some dessert?

I love petunia season

impatiens looking lovely in a pot

even a weed makes cyclone fencing better

Bare trees ready for planting

Flowers ready for planting

Fake dry river bed

The centre is always so interesting

Wonderful range of colours

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