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Category Archives: plants

Tempe Reserve was covered in orange toadstools after the rain

These were as big as bread plates

In the process of birth

This one had been turned over


I like that these trees shed their skin

The magnificent top - stands about 3 metres tall

Here is the plant itself with a varigated pale green & soft pink

Like little rods under the microscope

Only a pretence at sharpness

Like blushing pages

I think most people love these

wasp nest found in the park

Duck weed


Someone once told me these were around thousands of years ago

Wollomi pine

I find this incredibly beautiful

The red berry is a surprise

Spent flower

Silver design for your wall

The pattern at the bottom of a huge Bromiliad

Sharp & beautiful design

Different plant, different colours

My favourite type

This is something I haven't seen before

Showing the plant

Another thorny one

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