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I have started a new photoblog that can be found at –

Maybe I will see you there.  J 🙂


These are garden ornaments. I was struck at how angelic the faces were

fast asleep

Perfect concrete face

This one has a spiky seed hat

They made me feel sentimental - not bad for concrete

Lucky me

More lucky me

Lucky cat

It just seemed the right thing to do

Some people choose things like these for their gardens

Others choose this. It gave me quite a shock when I saw it. Maybe it would be good instead of Beware the Dog signs?

Just so you know this is true .... the cost!

The child in me loves this kind of thing

Old political poster seen in Marrickville

A creative use of old negatives seen at Reverse Garbage, bringing light through negatives

There are secrets with this van

Probably still works

I thought this was gorgeous

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