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Striped Marsh Frog found in my kitchen this morning

Bougainvillea flowers found their way into a water pot


It just seemed the right thing to do

I saw this in a fountain today. 2 minutes later a small girl picked it up & carried it away

Another pattern made by nature. It's a tree fern slab

More patterns

Like fine art to me

sandstone grave

Dream lines


This is a beautiful Fig at Tempe Reserve

The start of a series of sandstone landscapes I think

Perfect dog - perfect photo opportunity

Features like the leaves & bud point to it being a rose, but the flowers don't. It's a lovely vibrant flower whatever it is.

Nice group of dinghies in the Cooks River at Tempe

Inside the blue dinghy - nicely battered

I played with a photoshop effect here

This cat knows my every move & these eye's follow me everywhere

Taken from Tempe Reserve this evening

High tide

low tide

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