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Boat Harbour Cooks River


Sweet little things

Nice group of dinghies in the Cooks River at Tempe

Inside the blue dinghy - nicely battered

High tide

low tide

This pelican came up on the bridge just to have a close look at us

This one looked sideways at us

The Glare Effect

Isn't this so beautiful so close to the city

Close-up of Boat Harbour on the Cooks River

I have no idea what this pillar is for, but it makes a great perch for the pelicans

Not exactly high tide, more like mid-tide

I had no idea that it emptied as much

Gorgeous view marred by an eaten away garbage bin

View from Tempe Reserve to Princes Highway

Looking at the high-rise of Wolli Creek


7 kms from Sydney CBD

Another off-the-track path in Marrickville

Far from the madding crowd

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