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This is my last post for this blog – 12 months of daily photographs.  I almost made it, only missing a few days.  Thank you to all who came here, left comments & followed.  I appreciate it.

I have started a new blog for the next 12 months. This time I have a much better blog theme that will allow me to post larger photographs.  I like it already.

You can find my new photo blog here – I Spy 2012 –

Happy New Year. I wish 2012 is a great year for all of you.  Jacqueline 🙂

Nature's fireworks - Happy New Year 2012


I saw this in a fountain today. 2 minutes later a small girl picked it up & carried it away

Another pattern made by nature. It's a tree fern slab

More patterns

Features like the leaves & bud point to it being a rose, but the flowers don't. It's a lovely vibrant flower whatever it is.

This guy was busy in my garden for ages

Same bee, back end - hand-held, I don't use a tripod

Nature's fireworks

The flower is the size of a lentil - looks like something from a coral reef

A cluster of tiny flowers

I think these are Flannel flowers

even a weed makes cyclone fencing better

Bare trees ready for planting

Flowers ready for planting

Fake dry river bed

The centre is always so interesting

Wonderful range of colours

Daisies showing off

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