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Tag Archives: Marrickville

I saw this sweet nativity scene outside the church today

The old sign sits on the ground. Most read it as they pass by on foot

Close up of the inner workings


Maybe confusing for the bus driver?

Colour outside a Marrickville restaurant

One of Marrickville's 'gateways'

I thought this cafe setting in Marrickville Road looked good

He waited quietly without making a fuss

A poor quality photo - it was an A4 image on the front wall of a terrace that I took from across the road with my video camera. Too interesting to ignore

I dislike this advertising billboard at the entrance to Sydney Airport because it is ugly & imposing. It rotates 4 adds & this is the first time I've seen it not working. Broken perhaps?

It looks like demon vomit, but it's probably mould

A Barber shop in Marrickville I think

Just a small section of the garbage caught in a stormwater trap in the Cooks River at Marrickville

The Cooks River late in the afternoon

Reflections in the Cooks River

Cooks River at dusk looking east

Beautiful sky for a beautiful church

Another angle

The front entrance

The steeple

Close up of the columns

The side of the church

Only tonight did I realise that I had captured the steeple in this window reflection

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