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Tag Archives: patterns in nature

Fulfilling my love of patterns in nature


I saw this in a fountain today. 2 minutes later a small girl picked it up & carried it away

Another pattern made by nature. It's a tree fern slab

More patterns

Nature's fireworks

even a weed makes cyclone fencing better

Bare trees ready for planting

Flowers ready for planting

Fake dry river bed

Like little rods under the microscope

Only a pretence at sharpness

Like blushing pages

I think most people love these

wasp nest found in the park

Duck weed


I find this incredibly beautiful

Silver design for your wall

The pattern at the bottom of a huge Bromiliad

Silt in the bottom of a bird bath

I really like patterns made by nature. Last year I posted quite a few. I think this year will be the same.

Ground cover, like red veins across the earth

Same pattern, but dried out

Light, as it was captured

grass that has become straw

An obvious one, but always a delight

Bark as it was on the tree

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